311 California Street: Robert Dollar Building

Prime Location

Driving Directions

From San Francisco International Airport (SFO) - 15 miles - Approximately 21 minutes

  1. Merge onto US-101 N toward SAN FRANCISCO.
  2. Keep RIGHT to take 1-80 E toward BAY BRIDGE / OAKLAND / SEVENTH ST / US-101 N.
  3. Take the FOURTH ST exit toward EMBARCADERO.
  5. Turn LEFT onto 3RD ST.
  6. Turn RIGHT onto HARRISON ST.
  7. Turn LEFT onto FREMONT ST.
  8. FREMONT ST. becomes FRONT ST.
  9. Turn LEFT onto CALIFORNIA ST.
  10. End at 311 California St - San Francisco

From I-80 East Bay - Approximately 15 min

  1. Take the I-80 W ramp towards SAN FRANCISCO.
  2. Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp.
  3. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto I-80 WEST RAMP.
  4. Merge onto I-80 W via the exit on the LEFT toward San Francisco (Portions Toll)
  5. Take the FREMONT ST. exit.
  6. Turn LEFT onto FREMONT ST.
  7. FREMONT becomes FRONT ST.
  8. Turn LEFT onto CALIFORNIA ST.
  9. End at 311 California St.
311 California Street, San Francisco, CA
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